House & Bus Rules

  1. Please keep the bus clean. If you think that you are going to be sick, please use the bin or let your host/s know so that we can pull over. If the bus is not left in an acceptable state, a cleaning fee will be charged to your group.
  2. We have a strict schedule to ensure that we get to every place on our itinerary so please be sure to help your host out and get back on the bus when it’s time to!
  3. Please keep all hands and heads inside the bus at all times
  4. The bus driver is keeping everyone on the bus safe, please do not talk to or interact with the bus driver whilst he is driving. If you have any questions ask your host.
  5. Respect for your host/s and your bus driver is a must! We are here to make sure you have a great day out and we are happy to help with any queries you have along the way.
  6. Please Note: NOT all tours are able to drink on the moving buses, only specific tours with specific buses can be approved for drinking on the bus. This is due to liquor licensing laws in Victoria, Buses with BYO licenses will always be preferred by 100% Wine & Brew tours, but we can not guarantee availability until confirmed after deposit/booking is paid.